Best Residential Bounce Houses

Best Residential Bounce Houses


If you haven’t realized yet, bounce houses are awesome!  They are such a cool way to get kids outside away from electronics.  I am amazed that these are things that we can buy and have for our houses now.  Remember when we were kids, and you only got bounce house action at Chuck E Cheese?  They aren’t badly priced, either, when you think of the amount of use you can get out of them.  Plus, you guarantee that you’re kid’s got friends in the neighborhood.  Who doesn’t want to hang out with the kid who has his own bounce house?

The problem is, there are a ton of bounce houses, and the selection can be overwhelming.  Here are three that I think should be on the top of your list if you’re looking to get a bounce house.

Little Tykes Jump N Slide Dry Bouncer-

First off, Little Tykes is an iconic brand.  I had one of those Little Tykes cars as a kid, and practically lived in it.  So, that had my vote right away.

There’s a secure mesh net on all sides of this bounce house.  The most careful kid in the world will lose their mind over a bounce house, and safety will get thrown out faster than, well, a kid on an unprotected bounce house.

Another good option is the Shaded Jump N Slide.  It’s got a canopy to keep the kids out of direct sunlight.

Kids will also like the wide slide.  Visually, it’s more appealing to little ones.  It’s also harder to topple off of.


Kidwise Playtime Castle

The playtime castle is the best choice for any kids in love with fairy tales.  It’s great for not only bouncing, but for encouraging creative play and story telling.

For safety, the velcro entrance door.  If you’ve got kiddo’s too small for the playhouse, this will give you a few extra seconds to grab them.  Same for any pets that might be curious about what the kids are up to.


Kidwise Safari Bounce House with Slide

This bounce house also has a velcro entrance.  It just happens to be set in a lion’s mouth.  This one is sure to be a favorite of any little explorers.  The jungle animal theme is so whimsical.  And that red step into the lion’s mouth looks like a tongue shaped launch pad.

This bounce house is built with a jumper pad at the end of the slide to keep kiddo’s from rolling out.  The fact that it leads right onto the tongue pad means there’s less of an opportunity for little feet to track grass into the bounce house.

Finally, the trunk slide is topped with stripes of plastic instead of one solid roof.  This helps keep little ones in your line of sight, and not in danger of getting stuck either coming out or climbing up.

So, if you’re planning to pick up a bounce house for your little ones outdoor play, check these ones out.


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