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Bounce houses have become an indispensable part of modern day parties. The celebrations at family get togethers, birthdays, school functions, fetes, and church festival lack excitement on the fun scale without a bounce house. They are also seen as as a safer alternative to rides and trampoline, specially for little kids. Earlier, bounce house rentals was the only way you could procure the inflatable structure for your party but nowadays you can buy your own bounce house at a price that is within your budget!
The size of the bounce house posed a problem in the past but the range of sizes available in inflatables today gives you the choice to get the one that is adjustable in your space requirements. You can install them in your backyard, your garage or your garden. Even the storage of the structure when not in use, is a very simple procedure as it occupies very little space when not inflated.
In earlier times, the installation of a bounce house was also a cumbersome job and hence you had no option other than ordering bounce house rentals but the modern day bounce houses come with compact air blowers that continuously keep on pumping air into the bounce house. You only need to have a consistent power source for the blower to run, the rest is taken care of by the blower.
When you ordered bounce house rentals, in addition to the hefty bills, you were explicitly briefed about the strict terms of use of the inflatables which made you all the more cautious and alert in using them in a restricted fashion, reducing the excitement and fun level to a considerable extent. Rather than focusing on enjoyment, all one cared about was the careful use of the bounce house. The oxford cloth which is the material used in inflatables is light and reasonably priced which accounts for fitting into your budget, specially designed for domestic use. The commercial bounce house use PVC Tarpaulin which is made for repeated and extensive usage this being the reason for the commercial inflatables being bulky to install on your own and expensive as well. The bounce houses designed for residential purpose can last for years if a proper care is taken.
With an array of colors, designs and themes being available, with respect to your requirement of size, you can choose the one that suits your individual priorities. For the age group 2-5, you have a choice of colorful bounce houses with ball pits for your little ones. A combo unit of ball pit and slides, based on kindergarten themes is also available. Bounce house, with ball pit and LED disco lights suits a family with children of varying age groups. Your little girls can now play in this larger version of a doll house which have princess castle or Disney castle as theme. Your little knights can also have their own castle bounce houses. The obstacle speed racers and the clubhouse variety is an absolute hit with the older children who want to spend up their pent up energy while having fun. With such an exclusive and enticing range of bounce houses on the display, who would not love to gift their little ones the pleasure of partying everyday in the secured confines of their home? So, decide the one that your kids would love to have and get your own bounce house!

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