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A bounce house has the ability to turn just about any event into an immediate success with kids.  If there’s a bounce house, they will look forward to your next event.  But there are so many to chose from.  You want to make sure you’re making the right choice, and investing in the best commercial bounce house for your business or organization.  Here are some great picks to help you make your decision.


Blast Zone’s Bounce Bot

The Bounce Bot is going to catch kid’s attention.  With the popularity of science fiction, robots are  instantly recognizable and adored.  The bounce bot has more than one feature.  It’s got the bounce house, but it’s also got a safe climbing incline.  It’s got not one, but two slides.  This makes for shorter lines.  It can also give you the option to hold races for slightly older children, which they will love.  The Bounce Bot has a retractable roof, which is great.  You don’t really need the roof if it’s an indoors event, but you’re sure going to need it in the sun. The snap shut door is an important feature, too.  This keeps children too small for the bounce house from wandering in.


Jump Orange Rainbow Xtreme Obstacle Course Bounce House

Obstacle courses seem to hold a special attraction to kids.  They always want to prove their faster than their friends.  The tunnel on this one prevents kids looking in from seeing the course in advance, making otherwise tame obstacles a slight challenge.  The obstacles themselves are at a decent level for most kids.  The first thing you meet going in is a series of armed pillars that have to be fought through.  Then there’s the double row of squares.  After you round the corner, there’s a climbing wall that leads to the slide.   At the top of the slide, possibly the best feature from a parents perspective, is the net.  This discourages standing up at the top of the slide, which can be hazardous.


N Flatables Dragon Tower Slide Combo

First off, this one is shaped like a tower, with a giant purple dragon attached to it!  I don’t know that I need to say more about why the Dragon Tower Slide is so eye catching.  But I will anyway.  First off, there’s a full bounce house entrance that gives little ones a lot of room to maneuver.  Then, there’s a very tall climbing wall that leads to an equally tall slide.  After all, you wouldn’t want a short tower.

Here’s the big thing with the dragon tower.  It, and all the bounce houses by N Flatables, has a CAS system.  That stands for Captured Air Support.  Here’s what that means.  If for any reason the ride should loose power, it’s set up to stay firm for at least five minutes.  So even if, worse case scenario, you’ve got a kid at the top of the slide, you have time to get them down to safety.  That is huge.

So, if you’re looking for a Commercial bounce house, keep these ones in mind.

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