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Great residential bounce houses with water slides

Bounce houses with water slides are a great investment for your back yard.  For younger kids their as good as a water park, and better because there are no lines, it’s not nearly as expensive, and you don’t have to share water with a bunch of people you don’t know.

If you’re thinking of getting a bounce house with a water slide, here’s a few that I love.


BounceLand wet or dry island

The first thing to mention about this one is that it’s a quick inflate.  Less than a minute, in fact.  This makes sure you don’t have to leave it up all the time, so your grass won’t die.  And, it’s not a huge chore to put it back up.  It’s more likely to get used if it doesn’t take forty five minutes to set it up every time.

This bounce house can be used without water, too.  So, on those slightly cold days when you really don’t want the kiddo’s running around in their bathing suits, you can still use it.

Blast Zone’s Shark Park Ultra Play Park

This one’s a bit bigger, so you’ve got to have a decent sized yard for it, but it’s totally worth it.  The shark parks got a lot of cool features beyond just the bounce house and the water slide.  There is a small pool at the end, water cannons for kids to shoot at each other (or the dog) and a climbing wall that leads to the slide.   The details on the shark park are really nice.  The pillars to the bounce house are printed with Caution: Live Sharks.  The teeth look sharp, though of course they’re not.  The entrance to the bounce house is separate, so you can, potentially, keep it dry.  You can also get balls, sold separately, and turn it into a ball pit!

Blast Zone offers a two year promise with the shark park, which is a good thing.  That means if something happens to it they’ll repair or replace it.

Kidwise Endless Fun 11 in 1

The 11 in one is absolutely the ultimate bounce house water slide.  For one thing, it holds up for older kids.  You know, the ones who are about eleven or twelve, watching the little kids play and swearing ‘they’re too old anyway.’

This one wins if for no other reason but it’s sheer amount of activities.  Astounding as it may sound, your kids may get tired of going down a water slide and jumping in a bounce house.  This one’s got a climbing wall, basketball hoop, optional ball pit feature, and a velcro target.  It does come with one ball for the basketball hoop, and two velcro balls for the target, too.  And, this one as well can be used wet or dry.  You don’t realize how important that is until the little ones want to play on the slide on an almost fall, not really swimwear weather sort of day.

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