How To Start A Bounce House Business

If you are looking to start a business that doesn’t require a lot of capital and is fairly easy to run, then you may want to consider starting a bounce house business. You can run this business as a full time or a part time business renting out bounce house for occasions like family day carnivals and children’s birthday parties.
In order to start a bounce house business, the very basic thing you need to have is an inflatable bounce house. You don’t need many of these to start your business and you can scale up as your business grows when there is more demands for it in the market. You can start with one bounce house and see how is the response from the public. From there, you can plan your way to scale up your business by purchasing more bounce house to cater to more events.
Unlike game stalls that you usually see at carnivals, the bounce house doesn’t require work from your side. Typically, a bounce house business only requires you to deliver the bounce house to the event place, set it up, provide safety instructions and then pack it up at the end of the event.
As for the money management side of this business, the rental fee is usually paid in a one-time fee and there is no need for tedious work such as taking care of the cash register like other carnival stalls. This will ensure that you will not need to worry about miscalculation especially when there are lots of people lining up to play in the bounce house.
One important aspect that you will need to take care of in the bounce house business is the safety of it. This is to prevent any unwanted mishaps to happen to the children playing on the bounce house as well as to protect your business reputation. You can get your business to be registered with the public bodies like the state amusement bureaus and also get proper safety training and certification.
This type of business is completely flexible and you can choose to run it on your own as a family business or you can hire part timers to help you out at the events. Most of this business owners rarely need to hire many full time employees and this allows them to pocket more of their profits earned from the bounce house business with minimal capital.
There are many ways to advertise your business including newspaper advertisements, flyers, website and even word of mouth. Often times, these doesn’t require large marketing budget and you can also start off by renting it to your friends or family members parties. Most of the children loves the bounce house and many will start spreading the news for you when they start asking for one on their own birthday parties.
Anyone can start a bounce house business within a very short period of time. You just need the business registration and license, the bounce house, safety knowledge and you can start renting it out. You can start it off small scale by renting to smaller events first and once you get the grasp of running this business, you can then invest a little more in new bounce houses and advance safety training.

If not interested in business, buy a home bounce house for the kids!

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